Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Revision of LCRI 22.2 for Composers and Perfomers

LC is asking for comments on this change.
A discussion on the NACO-Music e-mail list concerning the current exception not to treat composers and performers as "contemporary authors" under AACR2 22.2B3 and applicable LCRIs has led to a reexamination of the need for the exception.

Before 2000, this exception resided only in the Music Cataloging Decisions (MCDs) [no longer published] and was applied by Library of Congress music catalogers and members of the NACO-Music funnel. NACO contributors unaware of the MCD may have created separate records for contemporary composers and performers under the conditions authorized in AACR2. The placement of the exception in LCRI 22.2 when it was moved from the MCDs has also generated some degree of confusion, misinterpretation, and misapplication (AACR2 itself discusses only "contemporary authors" in 22.2B3).

Given these issues, and the fact that the Cataloging Policy and Support Office has found contradictory information as to the reasons for the exception in the first place, CPSO recommends that the exception be removed from LCRI 22.2.

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