Thursday, February 08, 2007

Video Annotation

Integrating Contextual Video Annotation into Media Authoring for Video Podcasting and Digital Medical Records by I-Jong Lin and Hui Chao is a new HP report.
In this paper, we demonstrate how rich media annotation can enable two new applications for video podcasting and digital medical records. At WIAMIS 2004, we introduced an innovative video annotation technology called Active Shadows, that captures a virtual presence interacting with a displayed image and overlays on top of a digital image. With Active Shadows, we combine the expert opinion and presence (of a professor and doctor) with the informationally rich images (presentation slides and medical images, respectively). We identify current forms of media whose value can be enhanced through this type of annotation, and introduce a basic workflow to produce new forms of media. This paper specifically discusses two experimental media workflows, one for authoring video for portable video devices (video podcasting) and another for integrating diagnoses with medical imaging for digital patient records.

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