Thursday, March 01, 2007

MARC Tool, File_MARC

Here is a new MARC tool, File_MARC, announced at Code4Lib.
This package enables you to read existing MARC records from a file, string, or (using the YAZ extension), from a Z39.50 source. You can also use this package to create new MARC records.

This package is based on the PHP MARC package, originally called "php-marc", that is part of the Emilda Project. Christoffer Landtman generously agreed to make the "php-marc" code available under the GNU LGPL so it could be used as the basis of this PEAR package.

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Dan Scott said...

Hi David:

I actually announced the acceptance of File_MARC to the PEAR project back in October, 2006 -- but my chat at code4lib gave me a chance to tell people about the latest release, which (mostly) supports MARCXML as well. Thanks for passing on the news!