Friday, March 02, 2007


Index Data has a demo of a metasearch tool available, MasterKey.
This is an early prototype of a new metasearch technology developed by Index Data. It is scheduled for general release during the spring of 2007. It enables efficient metasearching of up to hundreds of databases at the same time using Z39.50, SRU/W, or proprietary protocols. It is a powerful, open-source-based alternative to proprietary, closed-source metasearch alternatives.

The technology supports on-the-fly merging, relevance-ranking, or sorting by arbitrary data elements. It also supports any number of result facets for limiting result sets by subject, author, etc.

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Anonymous said...

The URL provided was for a temporary demonstrator which no longer works. If you'd like to see this stuff in action, you can try , which searches open access resources like wikipedia, the Open Content Alliance, etc., or , which searches some 50 or so online catalogs and other resources.