Thursday, March 29, 2007

MODS Implementation Registry

The MODS Implementation Registry contains descriptions of MODS projects planned, in progress, and fully implemented. It provides the MODS community with important information about how MODS is being used in various projects throughout the world.

Please review your entry if you have one or submit any new ones. Institutions and organizations who are implementing or planning to implement MODS should submit the following information to the Network Development and MARC Standards Office ( at the Library of Congress.

  1. Name of the institution or organization implementing MODS
  2. The MODS project name
  3. A short description of the MODS project
  4. Projected dates of implementation
  5. A URL to the MODS project web site (if available)
  6. A URL to any available documentation or specifications developed for the MODS project
  7. A list of any MODS tools developed and or used as part of the MODS project
  8. The MODS version used in the project
  9. Contact name and e-mail address

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