Thursday, March 08, 2007

Podcasting Tips

I do a weekly podcast for the Lunar and Planetary Institute (MPOW). Short, simple and easy. I do read a bit about podcasting looking for useful tips, here is an audio file that covers a new aspect, Using Format to Engage the Listener by Stacy Bond.
Although podcasters may savor the raw style of extemporaneous talk, Bond shares many pro-level tips to help ensure content is presented in a listenable way. By envisioning a timeline or arc for the show, podcasters can build an identity and create hooks to engage and stimulate their audience. Breaks should be designed to allow people a chance to catch up and stay clear on who's speaking and what's happening. Rhythms, repetition and certain milestones can reinforce the tone and trajectory of a show in order to keep listeners on track and well entertained within a familiar framework for audio storytelling.

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