Friday, March 02, 2007

Revised Name Authority Records

The lists of names being revised by adding death dates or changing the open date to a birth date is way too much for a small library to look through. When the lists first appeared I started to check them with my catalog, but soon stopped. Too few hits for the time invested.

Here is an idea, maybe some large library (or OCLC) that has most of these names in their catalog could create a list that shows the class number most associated with an author. If I could just check the QBs, QCs, QEs, and TLs I could find most of the changes in our catalog. I'd guess a music library, or management library or law library would like to check just their areas also. How about it? Any takers?


Thomas said...

Do the classes numbers in WorldCat Identities do what you want?


David said...

Yes, they do. But, how do I know which ot hte names have been recently changed? Run a script against the changed names list and then pull down each ofthe identity pages? And how can I quickly scan the list, seems like I'd have to open each screen to see if it contained a QE or QB.