Sunday, April 15, 2007


Recently we got DSL at home, an upgrade from our dial-connection. So I've been exploring Skype. Nice. Works fine and is simple enough to use. We had used it when traveling and the place we were staying had a high-speed connection. Cora just finished her term as VP for the Texas Music Educators' Association and she often used it at board meetings.

Now I notice there is a service called Skypecasts, lets you talk to as many as 100 people and have control of who speaks and when. Looks like a useful tool. Anyone using it? I'm going to have an experimental Skypecast, just to get a feel for the tool and how it works. I'll just be reading my weekly podcast What's New at the Lunar and Planetary Institute Library. Wednesday evening at 8 Central Time. I have it down for 15 minuets, the shortest time slot they have, but it is more likely to last about 5 minuets, unless lots of folks join and say Hi.

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