Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Now We Have Our Own Planet!

Planet Cataloging is an automatically-generated aggregation of blogs related to cataloging and metadata designed and maintained by Jennifer Lang and Kevin S. Clarke.

Thanks for putting it together. Added to my reader.


Jennifer Lang said...


Jennifer and Kevin

Peta Hopkins said...

Let's hope the cataloging bloggers don't become too disheartened to see their RSS subscribers fall away as readers take up the feed for the planet instead.

Kevin S. said...

If people are concerned about tracking their blog stats, one way to address the aggregation issue is to have your blog post a summary of the story in the RSS feed (with a link to the main blog to get the whole thing). This way, when someone is interested in reading the whole story, they still go back to your blog and show up as a statistic in your logs. WordPress, a popular weblog software, supports this and I imagine many others do too.

But, yes, there are pros and cons to aggregators for bloggers (and for readers as there is often overlap between planets). One pro, though, is that often planets will expose your blog to others that might not have been aware of it. The larger audience means more potential readers (even if they are a bit harder to count).