Tuesday, May 01, 2007

WorldCat Local

WorldCat Local is up and running at the University of Washington.

The search results include articles as well as more traditional catalog materials. It shows other local libraries with an item. It is possible to link to a search result. Facets along the left side to narrow the search. Lots of good things here.

Some drawbacks I see are that there is no option to view the MARC record. When I do reference I often find that useful. Maybe it is an option for the staff? There is a place for reviews but no place for tagging or a simple thumbs up/down. How about saving a search and getting an RSS feed or email when something that matches is added. Since there are articles there that would be a very useful way to keep up with a subject area. Cite this item is nice, but why can't I select the format I want and then only get that one. And why limit the options to only a few. How about the option to import it into Endnotes.

This is shown as a beta version. Maybe further developments will make this the system of the future, but not just yet.

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