Friday, June 29, 2007

RDA Drafts

An announcement about Resource Description and Access.
  • Revised draft of Chapter 6-7

    The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) is pleased to announce that a revised draft of RDA part A, chapters 6-7 has been made available for comment. Please see the following Web page for the draft and details on making comments:

  • Revised RDA scope document

    For information, the RDA Scope and structure document has been revised and now has two accompanying documents, an RDA element analysis and an RDA to FRBR mapping.

    The JSC is committed to ensuring that the metadata produced using RDA will be well-formed, i.e., instructions are provided on how to record the values of elements, controlled vocabularies are used where appropriate, and the overall structure is governed by a formal model.

    These documents have been issued for the JSC and Editor to refer to, in the process of developing RDA, to ensure this aim is met. In addition, we hope that these documents will be useful to the metadata and semantic web communities and in our ongoing discussions with these communities.
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