Thursday, June 28, 2007

Union Bugs

At the John Edwards rally last night I noticed the sign had a union bug in the lower corner. We might consider adding information about and from these bugs to the bibliographic record. Proposal for Inclusion of Union Label Description In Bibliographic and Archival Cataloging Guidelines is a paper on the topic.
Data are like drops of water. Individually, they are usually quite meaningless. Only once they are organized, with purpose, do they take on significance. This proposal seeks to rectify the oversight by catalogers to include information about a small but important item of published data - the union label, or "bug".

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Jodi A. Schneider said...

An html version of this PDF is posted at
The html links to a previous edition in Progressive Librarian Journal, Issue #21 (Winter 2002)
and to related articles.

More images of union labels at
"What is a union label?", there also explains:"Sometimes a union label is called a 'bug' because of its oval shape -- like the back of a beetle").