Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Journal of Internet Cataloging => Journal of Library Metadata

Call for Papers

The Journal of Library Metadata (JLM) is a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles on all aspects of metadata applications in libraries. The journal is published quarterly by The Haworth Press, Inc.

Previously titled the Journal of Internet Cataloging, after a change in title and editorship, JLM will now focus on metadata, an exciting, timely subject of importance to all libraries. The journal will publish three categories of articles: standard, peer-reviewed articles; shorter, scholarly, non-peer reviewed articles; and short viewpoint articles.

These articles will cover all aspects of metadata applications in libraries, including:

Application profiles
Best practices
Controlled vocabularies
Crosswalking of metadata and interoperability
Digital libraries and metadata
Display of search results
Federated repositories
Federated searching
Individual metadata schemes
Institutional repository metadata
Metadata content standards
Metadata harvesting
Preservation metadata
Resource Description Framework
Resource discovery and metadata
Search engines and metadata
Stochastic vs. deterministic searching
Tagging and tag clouds
Topic maps
Visual image and moving image metadata

Categories of Articles
Please consider writing and submitting an article that falls into one of the following three categories:
  • Peer-reviewed articles (original research, scholarly manuscripts), which should be 10-50 typed pages, double-spaced.
  • Short, scholarly, non-peer-reviewed articles, often practical in nature (for example, describing a particular library metadata implementation). These should range from 500-2,000 words, with limited citations to other resources.
  • Upbeat Viewpoint articles giving the author’s opinion on a timely topic related to library metadata applications. These should range from 500-2,000 words and may or may not contain citations. Focus should be on improvements or solutions instead of negative aspects of an existing system, standard, or service.
For more information please visit the Journal of Library Metadata web site.

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