Friday, July 20, 2007

Podcasting Tips

Podcasting is not so new any more. It seems to me, it is past the time that just throwing up an MP3 file is enough. I've heard some pretty poor production that made me just move on to the next selection on my player. So, here are a few tips I've picked up doing a podcast for our library for well over a year.
  1. Noise reduction. Record about 10-12 seconds of room sounds, as a sample, to have them removed after the recording is done. If you are recording a live event, conference presentation, record the room before it fills up with people. The air conditioning, computer fan, outside traffic and such add nothing and can be distracting. The sound of folks shuffling papers, coughing, etc., gives it a live feel. Don't worry about those. Very long pauses can be shortened.
  2. Sound compression. Compressing the sounds removes any clipping from segments that are recorded too loud and makes everything clearer. Do this after removing any noise.
  3. Volume. Make sure to record at a decent volume level. Then make sure the file plays back at a good level. I've downloaded files only to find they are too soft and getting the level right brings out the hum in the car's system. I just skip to the next selection. MP3Trim will do smaller files for free. Adjust the volume last.

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podcast411 said...

Better than doing compression is using the free program. Levelator from

You would do this in step 2.

It does not just compress it also brings up lower levels. This is a great tool for recordings where you have 2 or more people.


Rob W