Monday, March 17, 2008

RDA/MARC Working Group Established

Sent to the MARC email list.
Under the auspices of the British Library, the Library and Archives Canada, and the Library of Congress, an RDA/MARC Working Group has been established to collaborate on the development of proposals for changes to the MARC 21 formats to accommodate the encoding of RDA data. With the implementation of RDA anticipated for late 2009, the Working Group will be drafting proposals for review and discussion by the MARC community in June 2008.

Although the MARC 21 formats support the encoding of descriptions created according to a wide range of content standards, the close relationship between AACR and MARC 21 has contributed to the efficient exchange of information among libraries for decades. The RDA/MARC Working Group will identify what changes are required to MARC 21 to support compatibility with RDA and ensure effective data exchange into the future.

Members of the RDA/MARC Working Group are:

  • Everett Allgood (New York University and CC:DA Liaison to MARBI)
  • Corine Deliot (British Library)
  • Rebecca Guenther (Library of Congress)
  • Bill Leonard (Library and Archives Canada)
  • Sally McCallum (Library of Congress)
  • Marg Stewart (JSC Liaison to the RDA/MARC Working Group)
  • Martha Yee (UCLA Film and Television Archive)

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