Monday, March 24, 2008

RDF Browsing Tool

A new Hp report of possible interest, Humboldt: Exploring Linked Data by Georgi Kobilarov and Ian Dickinson (HPL-2008-23)
Abstract: We present Humboldt, a novel user interface for browsing RDF data. Current user interfaces for browsing RDF data are reviewed. We argue that browsing tasks require both a facet browser's ability to select and process groups of resources at a time and a 'resource at a time' browser's ability to navigate anywhere in a dataset. We describe Humboldt which combines these two features in a single coherent interface. Our approach is based on the operation of pivoting, which enables the user to move the focus of a browsing from one set of resources to a set of related resources. With repeated use of the pivot operation the user can browse anywhere in the data. We describe a preliminary evaluation of our approach and discuss its implications for further development. Publication Info: To be presented and published in Linked Data on the Web (LDW'08), Beijing, China, April 2008

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And if that whets your whistle all the camera ready papers are available for the Linking Data on the Web Workshop going on in a few weeks.