Monday, April 21, 2008

TLA Recap

TLA is over for the year. Always an excellent conference. Here are a few observations. The RDA preconference had 135 registered. Some had to be turned away, the most the room would hold was 135. There is definitely an interest in this.

Walt Crawford shows that common sense is not so common but in the right forum always interesting.

No graphic novel/comic vendors. No Marvel, DC, Antarctic Press, Strangers in Paradise. Missed them. Rod Espinosa did a presentation and autograph session. And the author of American Born Chinese did a presentation. Have to check out his stuff, very well-spoken.

The keynote panel was fun. Roy Tennet was a very good moderator.

OPALS looks like an open-source ILS worth investigating.

Post any failures at the Library Success wiki. Examples of things that did not work and even better info on why are important and useful to others.

The KIC copier looks interesting. Too expensive for us right now, $20,000 or so. But a flat scanner that produces a PDF or TIFF and then can email or move the file to a thumb drive looks like the future.

The Nasher Sculpture Center is a beautiful setting. The Willows, Irises and water at the end of the row Oaks was stunning.

The District Caucuses were the same time as the alumni dinners. I went for the dinner. Nice view from the 69th floor.

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waltc said...

First, thanks for the kind words.

Second, let me second your call for people to discuss their failures, er, learning experiences, with Library Success Wiki an excellent place to do so. I put placeholder page there but we'll see whether anyone adds to it or links from it.