Monday, May 19, 2008

1:30 Ratio for Information

The post at about the book containing thirty tables-of-contents reminded me of the 1:30 rule for information.
Dolby and Resnikoff found these relationships:
  • A book title is 1/30 the length of a table of contents in characters, on average
  • A table of contents is 1/30 the length of a back of the book index, on average
  • A back of the book index is 1/30 the length of the text of a book, on average
  • An abstract is 1/30 the length of the technical paper it represents, on average
Is this the result of living in the material world and this won't hold true online? Or is this a function of the brain and how it deals with information and likely to hold true where ever we function?

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