Friday, May 23, 2008


The Digital Library Federation announces a revision to their MARCXML to MODS tool.
The DLF Aquifer Metadata Working Group announces an update to the XML stylesheet they have developed for the Aquifer project, for conversion of MARCXML records to MODS. The current stylesheet, DLF_MARC2MODS_1.34.xsl, can be found from a link on our MARC to Aquifer MODS XSLT Stylesheet page. Changes are briefly documented in the comments at the beginning of the stylesheet. We have also updated the Introduction pages that give more detail about some of the changes.

The changes include re-added mapping for tag 510 citations to the note element for monographs only; added subject:hierarchicalGeographic element mapping of tag 662 Subject - Hierarchical Place Name; added mapping of tags 561 (ownership) and 581 (publications) to the note element, removed mapping of 007 specific material designation to the genre element when the value is "remote", and a correction to no longer repeat mapping of dates from the Leader to originInfo:date when the date type is "questionable".

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