Monday, May 19, 2008

XML Workshop

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of taking the XML workshop offered by Eric Lease Morgan. One of the best workshops I've experienced. Now the notes have been revised and are available online.
XML is about distributing data and information unambiguously. Through this hands-on workshop you will learn: 1) what XML is, and 2) how it can be used to build library collections and faciliate library services in our globally networked environment.
  • An introduction to XML
  • Activity - Beyond MARC
  • Indexes make search easier
  • Activity - Indexing/searching MODS
  • Activity - Writing XML
  • Flavors of XML
  • Activity - Writing XML, redux
  • Activity - Full-text indexes
  • Client/server computing
  • Databases for data storage and maintenance
  • OAI-PMH - a de-centralized OCLC
  • Activity - Being an OAI service provider
  • Activity - Being an OAI data repository
  • Web Services
  • Activity - Creating a "mash-up"
  • Workshop summary
  • External links

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