Thursday, June 19, 2008

FireFox Problems

I got the new improved FireFox, version 3, yesterday and now I'm using MS Explorer. FF3 is SLOW. I can't get into Blogger. Several add-ons I liked, TinyURL Creator, Link Evaluator, Persistent URL Bookmarker, and Map+ (opens a map for any address) don't work. I'm going to have to investigate wither it is possible to roll-back to the old version. I sure hope so. My advice, FWIW, wait.

It is the portable version of FireFox, maybe the regular version would not be so slow. It still wouldn't have the add-ons.

Operator+, an add-on that allows working with microformats is not working properly. I can't seem to export hCal events to Outlook.

June 24, I've reverted to an older version of FF Portable. All my tools are working again. At home I plan on moving to FF3. It will not be the portable version and the add-on tools are much less important.


waltc said...

I'm using the regular desktop version of FF3. It's consistently faster than FF2 and picked up all but one of my addons. But, again, it's the regular version, not the mobile one.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I, too, switched to FireFox 3 well back in the release candidate series and never looked back. (Well, not entirely true -- I looked back to FireFox 2 a few times until some key extensions caught up.) For the me speed improvements and memory reductions are so dramatic that I've lived (and continue to live) without some extensions that I wish I had.

Good luck in troubleshooting your issues.

Steve Oberg said...

I have exactly the opposite experience. Firefox is FAST FAST FAST. Way faster than IE or almost anything else except perhaps Safari or Opera. Re the browser extensions, true, some popular ones don't work yet, but a.) I don't rely on any of the ones you mention and b.) I'm used to that and it doesn't bother me. I'd far rather sacrifice speed for added functionality.

I'd recommend an upgrade to Firefox 3 to anyone.

Unknown said...

Tried 3 but went back to 2. No matter what I did I couldn't clear URL history. Unfortunately I don'g know how to find out if/when they fix it

Unknown said...

I gave up on 3 and went back to 2 when I found that I couldn't clear URL history

Unknown said...

hey u r not able 2 clear URL history here is an opposite prob ,the download history gets cleared automatically,,,,,,,is there ny troubleshooting fr dis prob ,,plz suggest me