Monday, June 16, 2008


@toread and Cool : Subjective, Affective and Associative Factors in Tagging. In Proceedings Canadian Association for Information Science/L'Association canadienne des sciences de l'information (CAIS/ACSI), Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).
This paper examines the use of non subject related tags in social bookmarking tools. Previous studies of tagging determined that many common tags are not directly subject related but are in fact affective tags dwelling on a user's emotional response to a document or are time and task related tags related to a users current projects or activities. These tags have been analysed to examine their role in the tagging process.
While not an academic study, the experience of LibraryThing in cleaning up tags for sale to libraries might be an interesting comparison. The study compares, Connotea and CiteULike. It would be interesting to see how other tagging sites compare. What is the difference between tagging books, articles, websites and toasters? Is tagging different in different cultures? Do people in Japan tag differently than those in France? How about folk in Economics and Astrophysics? Lots of room for more research here. The next step would be to use the findings to inform our construction of subject headings. The FRBR group working on subjects might have a new body of knowledge to use in their work.

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