Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FRBR Tool for ISIS

Roberto Sturman has announced that the IFPA2 (ISIS FRBR Prototype Application - ver. 2) is now online.

(username/password for dataentry: ifpa2/demo2)

The new implementation of the prototype is based on WebLis.

Its main features are:
  • new database design: relationships are managed in dedicated records, one relationship per record;
  • unlimited no. of relationships for each Entity (within the database capability);
  • creation of Entities/Relationships by hyperlinks; picklist assisted relationship management;
  • WEB based interface for all functions, data entry included;
  • pseudo-tree view of FRBR bibliographic "towers"
He asks us to "Please note as the user interface design is still in fluctuation and the application has still many bugs, inconsistencies, so it is not yet available for download. I hope to make it downloadable shortly."

The requirements are: Firefox, Opera, IE6 or IE7; cookies, javascript and pop-ups enabled. That last requirement might prove to be a problem.

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