Tuesday, July 01, 2008

OCLC Terminology Services

Terminology Services, an Experimental Services for Controlled Vocabularies, a project of OCLC Research is now available.


  • Search descriptions of controlled vocabularies
  • Search for concepts/headings in a controlled vocabulary
  • Retrieve a single concept/heading by its identifier
  • View relationships for a concept/heading including equivalence, hierarchical, and associative
  • Retrieve concepts/headings in multiple representations including HTML, MARC XML, SKOS, and Zthes.
  • Search using SRU CQL syntax
Vocabulary Resources include:
  • FAST subject headings
  • GSAFD Form and genre terms
  • Library of Congress AC Subject Headings
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings
  • Medical Subject Headings
  • Thesaurus for graphic materials: TGM I
  • Thesaurus for graphic materials: TGM II

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