Friday, August 01, 2008

OCLC Crosswalk Web Service Demo

New demo tool from OCLC Research, Crosswalk Web Service.
The purpose of the Crosswalk Web Service (CWS) is to translate a group of metadata records from one format into another.

For this service, a metadata format is defined as a triple of:
  • standard - The metadata standard of the record (e.g. MARC, DC, MODS, etc ...)
  • structure - The structure of how the metadata is expressed in the record (e.g. XML, RDF, ISO 2709, etc ...)
  • encoding - The character encoding of the metadata (e.g. MARC8, UTF-8, Windows 1251, etc ...)
To use the service you will have to write your own client software. With the aid of the WSDL file, this should be relatively easy. This documentation, however, does not cover how to write the client.

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