Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Latest Code4Lib Journal

The fourth issue of Code4Lib Journal is now available. Articles include:
  • Auto-Populating an ILL form with the Serial Solutions Link Resolver API by Daniel Talsky
  • Mining Data from ISI Web of Science Reports by Alfred Kraemer
  • Unveiling Jangle: Untangling Library Resources and Exposing them through the Atom Publishing Protocol by Ross Singer and James Farrugia
  • LibraryH3lp: A New Flexible Chat Reference System by Pam Sessoms and Eric Sessoms
  • OpenBook WordPress Plugin: Open Source Access to Bibliographic Data by John Miedema
  • The Library Search Engine: A Smart Solution for Integrating Resources Beyond Library Holdings b y Karin Herm and Sibylle Volz
  • BOOK REVIEW: Two Books about FRBR, Compared by Christine Schwartz

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