Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Off Topic - Gaming

I've never played e-games. When Pac-Man came out tried it once or twice then stopped. Wasn't fun for me. Same with all the many games in the years since. I once or twice visited a MUD, found it dull. Rather watch re-runs of 3s Company. So it was for years, no excitement in the Xbox, PS2, and all the other things folks lined up for the night before to purchase.

The one exception to this was Dance Dance Revolution. I played this about 6 or 7 years ago and then priced the game and PS2. It seemed a bit too much for our budget then for just one game. I still had no interest in the ones where you sit and watch a screen.

Just about a year ago, we gave a home to some kids. For Christmas we got them a Wii and a couple of games. I was impressed by the imagination behind Super Mario Galaxy. Lego Star Wars was another that I found intriguing, so much so that about a week ago I started playing. Now I'm hooked. This is much better than TV, except it is much harder to turn off. It is engaging, it has problems and puzzles to solve, plenty of rewards, interesting and varied settings and an excellent soundtrack. There is more thinking going on in these games than I realized. In some ways it is more like reading a book than watching a movie. It is active rather than passive.

I always supported gaming in libraries. I don't read romance novels but think they have a place there. Same with the games. Now I think they have more reason to be there than the DVDs we all carry. The Shifted Librarian and all the other gaming librarians have another convert.

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