Friday, September 05, 2008

Prototype a Cooperative "Identities Hub"

I've complained off-and-on about how much is lost because small special libraries can't contribute to OCLC. For instance, without OCLC membership we can't be NACO participants. Well, OCLC is taking a step in a better direction with the Identities Hub.
The current LC/NACO contributor model has severe limitations, both in who is enabled to add and edit authority records and the rules that constrain what information can be entered (even if the cataloger knows more information).The intellectual work that librarians who are not NACO contributors do in the course of creating bibliographic records is untapped. The expertise in archival and museum communities is not reflected. Scholars have expertise to contribute to more clearly differentiate creators of works and do so within the Web environment.
Only an announcement at this point, I look forward to seeing what develops.

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