Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cataloging Tools

LibLime has announced the beta test of a suite of cataloging tools, ‡biblios.net.
‡biblios.net is a subscription-based, hosted version of the open-source ‡biblios metadata editor that we released earlier this year. In addition to the editor, ‡biblios.net includes some extended community features such as integrated real-time chat, forums, and private messaging.

‡biblios.net also provides access to the world's largest database of freely-licensed library records. The database will be freely available to ‡biblios.net subscribers and non-subscribers alike via Z39.50, OAI, and direct download.

Furthermore, the database itself will be maintained by ‡biblios.net users similar to the way that Wikipedia's database is maintained by users.

We're now looking for enthusiastic participants to help shape the final production release of ‡biblios.net.

Ways you can help:

  • Become a beta tester for the ‡biblios.net platform by filling out the beta tester application form.
  • Donate your records to ‡biblios.net. Upload records to http://archive.org, and drop us an email at 'info AT liblime DOT com'
  • Get involved in the ‡biblios open-source community: get your copy of ‡biblios and join the development team at http://biblios.org
An aside, wouldn't it make more sense in that first paragraph to link "‡biblios metadata editor" rather than "released earlier this year?" Links are a form of mark-up and clean mark-up matters.

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joshua.ferraro said...

Fair enough, that page has been updated with the recommended link change.

As another aside, you may be looking at an older version of that page because it was updated yesterday to display a link to the beta test environment itself: http://beta.biblios.net, where you can sign up for a free beta test account.