Monday, November 10, 2008


How (and Why) to Create an OPML File by Marshall Kirkpatrick is only new to me. A PR person looks at the Outline Processor Markup Language.
There’s a billion other reasons to use OPML - just ask yourself in what circumstances you can imagine sending someone else one link or file that contains a collection of dynamic sources on any topic. I know these are the sorts of questions that keep me up at night.
I'm not seeing OPML icons as often as I'd expect. Is this another PICS, a good idea that just never gets adopted?


Tom Elliott said...

Anybody who uses Sam Ruby's "venus" branch of the planet feed aggregation software can get opml output of the subscription list, though I'm not sure it's linked from the html browse version in the default templates.

I do link to it from the various aggregators under the domain.

I'm not sure, of course, whether or how anybody else is using it though.


Jacob said...

OPML generator