Thursday, November 06, 2008

WorldCat Hackathon

WorldCat Hackathon is the impetus for some tool development. From OCLC comes this notice
We added a few more features in this month's xID deployment, hopefully it could be useful in upcoming WorldCat Hackathon.
  • support LCCN query such as:,lccn
  • support deleted OCLCNUM (marc 019 field) In this case OCLCNUM 47139964 was merged into 33100112, and we use a flag "presentOclcnum" to mark present OCLC numbers.
  • xISSN project now supports tab-delimited and CSV dissemination,form,title,form,title
  • start to support php dissemination format in all XID projects*&format=php
Matienzo, Mark has announced that Python WorldCat Module v0.1.0 is now available.
In preparation for the upcoming WorldCat Hackathon starting this Friday, I've made a few changes to worldcat, my Python module for interacting with OCLC's APIs. Most notably, I've added iterators for SRU and OpenSearch requests, which (like the rest of the module) painfully need documentation.

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