Thursday, January 29, 2009

MODS XML Schema Tool

Hre is a tool to validate records against the MODS XML Schema.
The Digital Library Federation's Aquifer is pleased to announce a new online service, the "MODS and Asset Action Explorer,". This is an experimental service developed at the University of Illinois Grainger Engineering Library as part of the DLF Aquifer American Social History Online project with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

The service allows anyone to upload MODS XML files, including modsCollection files, and verify that those records comply to the MODS XML Schema and also to check the uploaded records against the Aquifer project's MODS Levels of Adoption Guidelines. In addition to MODS records, the service also allows the upload of Asset Action Packages which is another experimental format being developed by the DLF Aquifer project. An Asset Action Package is an XML file containing a defined set of actionable URIs for a digital resource that delivers named, typed actions for that resource.

Anyone is welcome to get an account and upload their MODS records for validation and checking. However, note that the system is still in the research/development stages, so expect that any posted records could get mangled or disappear for unknown reasons.

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