Monday, February 02, 2009

Cataloging Info by the Crowd

The LibraryThing weblog has a post about their users adding author information.
On Thursday we introduced a silly new "meme" page called "Dead or Alive?" which listed your authors by their mortal status--alive, dead, unknown or "not a person." (See the blog post or check out yours.) The feature drew on the birth and death dates of the authors in our Common Knowledge system, a free (Creative Commons) "fielded wiki" for miscellaneous "cataloging" information (think "Wikipedia for book info"). To move an author from the "unknown" column, members had to find their dates and enter them onto into Common Knowledge.
What are the implications? Would this be useful in disambiguation? If the links are stable, COOL, PURLS, or something like that would a link here be a useful result return on an author search in our catalog? Just thinking out-loud.

Very few of the folks writing on library topics have had their birth dates entered. Hint to Meredith, Terry, Andrew, ....

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