Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Electronic Resources and Libraries

Slides and audio for most presentations at ER&L 2009 will be available.

UCLA is a beautiful campus. A wide variety of trees, hills, and open spaces. Some of the rooms were a bit small for the meetings. Once I had miss a talk I wanted to hear because there was standing room only. However, since all the talks were good, my fallback option was excellent. There were not enough wall outlets for those blogging and Twittering. Laptop carriers should just bring a power strip and share. Maybe the conference could provide a couple of strips for each room. Fewer people were Twittering than I expected. About six out of a group of over three hundred. 2% or so I'd guess. Thanks to all involved in the Conference, it was a great experience.

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Coral said...

Hi, David! It was nice meeting you at ER&L.

I wonder if there were more people Twittering, but not bothering to use a hashtag?

I'd love to see a "sign up to tweet or blog the conference" thing on a wiki, so people know who to follow ahead of time.