Thursday, February 12, 2009

Electronic Resources and Libraries 2009

The Conference is over. Some excellent content and good presentations. The conference committee should be proud. Also a good group of attendees. Plenty to learn just talking to others between sessions. Some takeaways.
  1. Check into having our catalog hosted, Evergreen perhaps.
  2. OLE Project. SOA. It will be the backend, use Blacklight, whatever for the OPAC. Meant to integrate with other components, Shibbolith, LDAP, EDP, etc. Modular.
  3. Worldcat Local. Attempt to answer the question "What data should be at the network level and what at the local level?"
  4. Vicky Reich gave the most thought provoking talk. For many years we have been modeling our behavior on the business model. "Just in time, not just in case." Now looking at Circuit City, the auto industry, financial industry, realtor business it might not have been such a good idea. We could be next.
  5. Muse Single Search is working for someone. Only federated search that even had one happy person.
  6. LibGuides were mentioned several times. Have to investigate.
  7. Thought experiments: Tag clouds as a display. Give users the option to open some of their circ history for finding other similar readers. Enhancing digital texts.
  8. Use more than one pass of XSLT to get data in correct format. Share XSLT.
  9. What is it like to be a librarian? Its all about money and power.
  10. Link evaluator for FF from OCLC.
  11. Kill zombie budget items, those that fund the dead programs but continue on. One library cut entire paper reference collection.
  12. K. G. Schneider makes me proud to be a librarian.
Thanks to all who put this conference together. wonderful trees on the campus.


Anonymous said...

I've also been pondering the idea of tag clouds--our patrons seach by subject more than title, author, etc, and I've had the thought that starting the OPAC screen with a subject tag cloud might be a better experience for them. Been meaning to write a post about that, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Your summary of Vicky Reich's presentation caught my eye. Do you know if the slides and/or transcripts and/or recordings of the talks are online?

CarolH said...

Vicky might be just a tad late in making her point. Nonetheless, useful.

Jodi Schneider said...

Who's using Project MUSE search as their federated search? I'd like to hear more about this.

Jodi Schneider said...

Or was that MuseGlobal?