Monday, February 23, 2009

Google, Yahoo and MSN Agree on the Canonical Link Tag

Google, Yahoo and MSN Agree on the Canonical Link Tag. Nice and simple.
The latest news coming from the the three major search engines is a major improvement to how Websites are indexed by search engines. The idea of the Canonical Link Tag is that a website owner can specify a preferred version of a particular URL. What does that mean? If your site has identical or similar content (accessible through several different URLs), the Canonical link tag helps search engines calculate the most preferred URL. How Does it Operate? The tag is part of the HTML header on a web page, the same section you’d find the Title attribute and Meta Description tag. In fact, this tag isn’t new, but like nofollow, simply uses a new rel parameter. For example:

link rel="canonical" href=""

This would tell Yahoo!, MSN or Google that this page, where you place the tag will be treated as Therefore all links, as well as content metrics a search engine would apply should tie back to that URL as though it were one and the same.
Seem on Mark8t via Weibel Lines.

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