Thursday, October 08, 2009

Organizing Tags

Tag Clustering with Self Organizing Maps by Marco Luca Sbodio and Edwin Simpson is a recent HP Labs Technical Report.
Today, user-generated tags are a common way of navigating and organizing collections of resources. However, their value is limited by a lack of explicit semantics and differing use of tags between users. Clustering techniques that find groups of related tags could help to address these problems. In this paper, we show that a Self-Organizing Map (SOM) can be used to cluster tagged bookmarks. We present and test an iterative method for determining the optimal number of clusters. Finally, we show how the SOM can be used to intuitively classify new bookmarks into a set of clusters.


Doug McKay said...

Just maybe they are realizing the need for an INDEX and a CATALOG.
Maybe even controlled headings with an AUTHORITY file.

Doug McKay
Lindale Library

JJR said...

Speaking of, is there any way to tweak Blogger so that you can provide a column of your most frequently used blog topical tags, or a way to search your blog. You've got a great resource here but the organization is mostly chronological; the only clickable tags are the ones on current posts. Could be a limitation in Blogger, Heaven knows I haven't fully tried to exploit its features, and the automated voice technology you've installed is freakin' cool.

But if there is a way to better index your blog's most frequent topics, it would be helpful to the rest of your fellow catalogers out there in Libraryland. Just sayin'.