Friday, December 04, 2009

Resource Description and Access Publication

This announcement about RDA has been widely posted and distributed, but just in case....
RDA: Resource Description and Access will be published in June 2010. While we regret this delay in release of RDA, the transition from publication of AACR2 as a printed manual to release of RDA as a web based toolkit is a complex process with many interdependencies.,p />The updated text of RDA incorporates recommendations from constituencies and other stakeholders approved at the JSC meeting earlier this year. The revised text has been successfully loaded into the RDA database. The product is currently undergoing thorough quality review and testing in preparation for release.

We recognize that customers and prospective users of RDA need reliable and timely information for planning and budgeting. We are confident that this revised deadline is a realistic target for publication of RDA.

Pricing and purchasing information will be introduced at the time of the ALA Midwinter Meeting, 15-18 January 2010.

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JJR said...

I would like to see more updates from the RDA beta-testing...which is ongoing, right?

Every RDA talk/presentation/webinar I attended in late 2009 was just as frustratingly vague as the ones at the start of 2009. :-(