Monday, December 14, 2009

Tags into RDFa

LODr looks interesting. It brings tagging, Web 2.0, into the Semantic Web, Web 3.0.
LODr is a RDF-based (re-)tagging service, that allows people to weave their Web 2.0 tagged data into the Linked Data Web and provides a dedicated browsing interface.

LODr is not yet another social tagging service, you will still be able to use Flickr for your pics, for your bookmarks, slideshare for your presentations, etc.
LODr will simply help you to:
  • aggregate data and get a single entry-point for all your tagged content from those services, and translate it into RDF, provinding RDFa export of each items using SIOC, FOAF, the Tag Ontology and DublinCore;
  • re-tag this content in a machine-understandable way, by using URIs of Semantic Web resources (or concepts) to model what your usual simpe-keywords tag mean thanks to MOAT. Once your content have been tagged this way, it becomes part of the Semantic Web and can be discovered by Semantic Web aware agents and services, such as Sindice, SWSE or SearchMonkey.
You will also be able to browse your own content locally thanks to your LODr interface, providing advanced data view, but also discover content created by other members of the LODr community, especially using the LODr tools. Moreover, as your data is hostel locally and available in RDF, you can easily reuse it or mash it up with other content.
Seen from a tag by ranti.

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