Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Linked Data Catalogs

The column Cataloging Horizons by Karen Coyle in the latest American Libraries discusses "Navigating the bibliographic space with linked data".
Library catalogs have evolved over time as technology has changed. The last 150 years have seen a progression from book catalogs to cards, and eventually, to online catalogs. Each of these changes has provided new capabilities that can be adopted for improved user services. The next step in this evolution is on the horizon, and it will make possible some new and powerful capabilities for information seekers. Like the hypertextuality of the web, technology is being developed today that can help library catalogs become a rich web of data.

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Abhishek said...

Yes, this is taking good shape in the semantic web space. We already have Amazon and others adopting ONIX standards for cataloging. The library of congress is truly doing a lot to support this!