Monday, April 26, 2010

Item Availability Information

DAIA, the Document Availability Information API provides a method of showing the availability of an item.
DAIA is a data model to express information about the availability of documents and their particular copies for library-related services (loan, local presentation, open access online, interlibrary loan...). Its specification ( includes serialization in XML, JSON and RDF - use the format of your choice and get the other serializations for free.

If you are happy with stuff like NCIP, SLNP, SIP2, Z39.50 Holdings, ISO 20775 Holdings than I wonder why. But if you like to decouple and open up your library system for better innovation that you might want to have a look. Additional services like "Tweet-me-if-the-book-is-back" should be easy to implement by third parties based on a common, well-defined availability API (/end-of-advertisement)

The current SVN repository contains the existing Perl implementation (that you can also get via CPAN), an implementation in PHP and an XSLT client for DAIA/XML. The VuFind project also contains a DAIA-Driver as client component.

Feedback is very welcome, feel free to join. The project mailing list is (don't be confused that the first mail is in German, we also know English).

So how do you get availability information out of your library system?

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