Monday, April 12, 2010

MODS 3.4 Schema

The latest version of the Metadata Object Description Schema is available for comment.
The Library of Congress and the MODS Editorial Committee are happy to announce the release of a draft MODS 3.4 Schema for community review. The draft Schema itself may be found at, and a list of changes it implements from 3.3 is available at Draft text to be added to the User Guidelines for these new features and a link from the MODS home page to the draft Schema will be available soon; watch this list for details.

The community review of the MODS 3.4 draft Schema will last one month, until May 12, 2010. We hope that various MODS implementers will test this Schema in various ways, both trying out the new features and verifying that existing 3.x MODS records still validate to the new 3.4 Schema as we intend. Testing results, comments, questions, and any other discussion on the 3.4 Schema should be sent to this email list:

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