Monday, April 12, 2010

NACO Requirements

At present NACO requires a library belong to OCLC to participate. The high cost to join OCLC prevents many specialized small libraries from being NACO members. Yet, in places like the Lunar and Planetary Institute we have close contact with the authors in the planetary science community. I'm sure, there are other institutions too small to join OCLC but close to a community of scholars. We, and others like us, could be valuable members of NACO.
5. Is it required that my library use a bibliographic utility to participate in NACO?

At this time NACO participants belong to OCLC in order to contribute authorities online. A PCC Working Group is investigating other options.
I'd be glad to hear that SkyRiver Technology was one of the options being discussed. I hope the folks at SkyRiver are working on this.

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