Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Name Authority Records Enhanced with Geographic Coordinates

News from LC.
The Library of Congress has recently entered into a cooperative project with OCLC to receive and distribute revised name authority records for jurisdictions that will add geographic coordinates in 034 fields (Coded Cartographic Mathematical Data). The coordinate data has been extracted by the OCLC Office of Research from 670 citations and online geographic databases as part of FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology). This project follows successful efforts by OCLC to enhance authority records with geographic data including 043 fields (Geographic Area Code) and 781 fields (Subdivision Linking Entry--Geographical Subdivision).

LCCNs of sample records that illustrate the coordinate additions:

  • n 00004724
  • n 00005017
  • n 00001407
It is expected that OCLC will be enhancing approximately 77,000 name authority records with this project. The records will flow through the normal NACO contribution and distribution streams. MDS-Names subscribers should expect a steady flow of these corrected records over the upcoming weeks until all records have been re-distributed.

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