Thursday, May 06, 2010

MADS Implementation Registry

LC wants to start a MADS implementation registry, like the one they have for MODS

If you are using MADS in your institution or project, please submit an entry.

You can either send the information as detailed below to the MODS list, which is what we are using for MADS discussions ( or send to (our office email).

Please include:

  1. The MADS project name
  2. Name of the institution or organization implementing MADS
  3. A short description of the project
  4. A URL to the project web site (if available)
  5. Any web site notes
  6. Projected dates of implementation
  7. A URL to any available documentation or specifications developed for the MADS project
  8. Any notes about documentation
  9. A list of any MADS tools developed and or used as part of the project
  10. Contact name and e-mail address
  11. Any additional contact information.

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