Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tematres 1.4

We have the glad to invite to test the beta version of Tematres 1.4

TemaTres is a web tool to manage, publish and exploit controlled vocabularies and other formals representation of knowledge (thesauri, taxonomies, glossaries, etc).

This release includes the following fixes and improvements:
  • Quality indicators about controlled vocabularies The Quality assurance was improved with reports about the following quality indicators:
  • Free Terms
  • Terms without hierarchical relationships
  • Average number of words per term
  • Terms per N Broader terms
  • Terms per N narrower terms and depth
  • Terms words with not supported prefixes or suffixes
For more details: MARTÍNEZ, A.M.a et al. Concepto, forma y longitud de los términos preferentes del tesauro: una propuesta de indicadores de calidad. Anales de Documentación, 2010, vol. 13, p. 185-195.

MARTÍNEZ, A.M.a et al. Indicadores para evaluar el vocabulario y la estructura sistemática de un tesauro. I Jornada de Intercambio y Reflexión acerca de la Investigación en Bibliotecología, La Plata, 6-7 de diciembre de 2010. Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
  • User-defined notes
    Has been added management capabilities to manage and create user-defined notes. (Thanks to Observatorio Estatal de la Discapacidad Spain:
  • Advanced configuration options
    Has been added detailed configuration options available to the administrator of the controlled vocabulary.
  • Import controlled vocabularies
    Now TemaTres can import controlled vocabulary from plain tagged text.
For example:
  • IMS VDEX Scheme (Vocabulary Definition and Exchange) Now with TemaTres you can Display, export and publish terms and controlled vocabularies through VDEX IMS XML schema (Vocabulary Definition and Exchange).
  • Controlled vocabularies RESTful Services TemaTres have support for web services accessible through a clear and simple syntax. The service support a wide variety of queries and data can be viewed in XML, JSON or SKOS-Core.

Terms beginning with the letter B:

Search Terms:

Vocabulary Data

Top of vocabulary terms
  • Minor bugs was solved and was added some minor features
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