Monday, August 01, 2011

No More Star Wars Films?

A logo of the Unites States Library of Congres...Image via WikipediaThe heading Star War films, and all other headings dealing with a series or character might be removed from the lcgft.
The recent separation of the genre/form thesaurus from LCSH provides an opportunity to reexamine the genre/form terms approved during the moving image experiment in order to determine whether they fit into the overall thesaurus, given the trajectory of development.

One ongoing issue has been what may be loosely referred to as “character- and franchise-based terms.” These are authorized terms that include either a character name or the title of a film or television program (e.g., Die Hard films; Dracula television programs; Scooby-Doo television programs; Star Wars films). PSD proposes cancelling all of these terms from the genre/form thesaurus, and has posted a discussion paper explaining the rationale on the Library of Congress’ genre/form web page, The direct URL for the paper is PSD requests input from interested parties before making a final decision.

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