Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A couple of Items of Possible Interest

Gary Price from INFOdocket has brought a couple of items to my attention. First, Interviews With Five Metadata Experts. The interviews where held in connection with the DCMI 2011 Conference. The five interviewees are:
  • Emmanuelle Berm├Ęs, Modern Art Museum Centre Pompidou
  • Makx Dekkers, CEO, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (2001-2011)
  • Stuart Sutton, CEO, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (2011- )
  • Tom Baker, Chief Information Officer (Communications, Research and Development)
  • Diane Hillmann Vocabulary Maintenance Officer
Second, Gary points to A New 24 Page Report From OCLC: “WorldCat Quality” "This paper describes OCLC's steps to make it easier to find items in WorldCat and get them from OCLC member libraries."

Gary will be presenting at the Texas Library Conference, I hope to see him there.

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