Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cute Catalog

The 1st operational eXtensible catalog is Cute.Catalog at Kyushu University Library.
Cute.Catalog completely covers the bibliographic information of academic resources in Kyushu University which contain not only library holdings but also research output produced by Kyushu University researchers.


Cute.Catalog includes:
  • Research Outputs by Kyushu University Researchers: 250 thousands
  • Library Holdings of Printed Materials in Kyushu University Bibliographies: 1.6 million, Holdings 4 million
  • Accessible e-Journals: 51 thousands, e-Books: 53 thousands
  • Institutional Repository records: 17 thousands
  • Digital Collection: 10 thousands
Key enhanced features are:
  1. advanced search
  2. online link with 360 Link XML API
  3. put a label of institutional production
  4. social links and exporting features and more...

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