Friday, January 13, 2012

New Music Cataloging Book

A new book for music catalogers, Directions in Music Cataloging.
a new title in the Music Library Association’s (MLA) Technical Reports Series, Directions in Music Cataloging, edited by Peter H. Lisius and Richard Griscom. In Directions in Music Cataloging, ten of the field’s top theoreticians and practitioners address issues affecting the discovery and use of music in libraries today. The roots of today’s issues lie in the past, and the first part of the volume opens with two articles by Richard P. Smiraglia that establish the context of modern music cataloging through research conducted in the early 1980s. The second part explores cataloging theory in its current state of transition, and the concluding part looks to the future by considering the application of emerging standards. The volume closes with a remembrance of A. Ralph Papakhian (1948–2010), the most prominent music cataloger of the past thirty years—a figure who initiated many of the developments covered in the volume and who served as a teacher and mentor for all of the contributors. Sue Ellen Stancu’s remembrance and H. Stephen Wright’s introduction provide a context for the volume in relation to Papakhian’s legacy.

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